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Why I’ve Been MIA…


I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since last March. That’s insane. Well, here I am. I didn’t die…but it sure felt like I did emotionally. I won’t go into a super long, detailed explanation of the drama that is my life. But here is the in-a-nutshell version. Last March, my husband cheated AGAIN and left me and our daughter AGAIN. I guess it’s my fault for thinking this time would be different, but I had to try for my daughter. At least I will be able to tell her that I did everything I could to keep our family together.

So, I went through a really bad depression. And then I met a guy, who really did help me get over my husband, but he also isn’t the greatest guy. Really bad temper, drinking problem, and emotionally abusive. I really know how to pick ’em, huh? Anyway, I really just lost focus in everything. I was so focused on these two assholes that I forgot that the most important thing, the only thing, I need is my daughter. It took nine months of pure insanity, but I’m so much better now. I’m still substitute teaching and tutoring, and I got my teaching credential and just started applying for teaching jobs. I never thought I would be doing this on my own, but I’m okay now. I have realized that my daughter and I are better off without her dad. He really isn’t in the picture anymore. I’m a single mom, raising my daughter by myself. But we’re okay. We’re good. We’re happy. I love that little girl more than life itself.

Unfortunately, everything that happened affected my love for reading as well. I haven’t read a book since last March! Crazy, right?! I missed it so much. And I missed this blog so much. Apparently, through all the drama, I forgot to renew my domain. I went and checked on it, and now belongs to some Canadian jacket company. How my domain name fits that makes no sense, but whatever floats their boat lol. So, I had to change mine to And I have spent the last few days going through EVERYTHING and changing all my .com links to .net and making sure everything looks okay after the changes. I hope I got it all.

I’m hoping to just get right back into the swing of things. I hope I still have some followers out there 🙂