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Statistics Survey 2015


This Statistics Survey is hosted by The Book Addicts Guide and Andi’s ABCs, and I first saw it at The Hardcover Lover. Check out these lovely ladies’ blogs. They’re awesome! Yes, I know I just started blogging in June, but I have been reading all year long, and I LOVE stats…a little too much. So I thought this would be the perfect survey for me. On to the fun!

number of statistics survey

  • Number of books read…
    • Under 250 pages (not including novellas): 15
    • Between 400-449 pages: 4
    • Between 450-499 pages: 2
    • Over 500 pages: 4
    • Over 1000 pages: 0
  • Number of…
    • Audiobooks: 1
    • Re-reads: 0
    • DNFs (did not finish): 0
  • Number of books rated… 
    • Five Stars: 24
    • One/Two Stars: 5
  • Number of authors met in 2015: 0…sadly 🙁
  • Number of book events attended in 2015: 0…unfortunately 🙁
  • Number of books you read in one day: 1
  • Number of books that made you cry: 4
  • Number of 2016 books you have on pre-order: 0…I’m trying not to spend money right now 🙂

by the books statistics survey

  • Book read furthest away from home (vacation reads?): Didn’t go on vacation this year. I’m pretty sure I only read at home. How sad is that??
  • Book that took you the longest to read: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It took me 7 months to read this. Not a fan.
  • Book that you personally connected with the most: Don’t Mention the Rockstar by Bree Darcy. The ups and downs of one of the relationships was definitely relatable.
  • Book that made you love the villain: No villain-loving this year.
  • Book you said you’d come back to but still haven’t picked up again: Actually none. I would have said The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George, but I recently picked it back up again, so that doesn’t count.
  • Book you read waaaay before it’s publication date: The furthest was Loving Lucas by Violetta Rand. I read this about a week before it was published. Not very good with ARCs. I tend to lag 🙂
  • Book you read on your birthday: Bait by K.C. Blake
  • Book with a character who shares your name: I don’t think I read any with a Cheryl.
  • Book you weren’t entirely truthful about when rating (Fluff up any ratings? Rated even though you didn’t finish?): Actually, I think I was pretty honest this year. Last year is another story… 😉
  • Book you read in 2015 but already want to re-read: The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester
  • Book you borrowed from a friend a long time ago and still have: I don’t have friends who read, so this has never been a problem.
  • Book which you could go back and read for the first time again: Unspeakable by Michelle K. Pickett
  • Most books read by one author this year: M.L. Sparrow, Rachel L. Demeter, and Melissa Foster (2 each)

this & that statistics survey

grab bag statistics survey

  • Book you read that is red: Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) by Lee Child
  • Starts with X, Y, or Z: Zombie War by Jean Booth
  • Book you hugged when you finished it: Come Back to Me by Mila Gray. Gave me all the feels!
  • Book you wanted to throw across a room: Loving Lucas by Violetta Rand. No comment.
  • Food you craved while/after reading a certain book: Do cocktails count? 🙂 Cocktails at Le Carmen by Isabelle Andover
  • Book that became an instant go-to recommendation: Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
  • Furthest out of your comfort zone: Probably Bait by K.C. Blake because it’s heavy on the fantasy/paranormal side, which I don’t always like.
  • Read on a recommendation (that you may not have picked up yourself): Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith
  • Forced yourself to finish: Loving Lucas by Violetta Rand
  • Series or author’s works you binged (whether all at once or throughout the year): None. But I will be soon…