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Blog Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway – The Black Swan Company by Luna DeMasi

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I am so excited to have Luna DeMasi, the awesome author of The Black Swan Company, on my blog today. She has written an amazing guest post for us about what we all adore in the books we love: the characters and how important flaws are. So, please welcome Luna DeMasi!

Imperfectly Perfect

I’m Luna DeMasi, the author of The Black Swan Company, and I’d like to thank my gracious host for allowing me to do a guest post for this blog. In my post, I’d like to talk about something any avid reader probably enjoys talking about: Characters.

Whenever I get invested in a book, show, or movie, I need to love the characters. Plot is important, of course, but the key component (for me, at least) is to make your audience become enraptured with your characters: They need to be three-dimensional, well-developed, and believable. But most of all, the characters need to have flaws.

The flaws of a character are essential; it’s not something one can just dismiss or downplay without paying the consequences. There’s almost nothing worse than a ‘perfect’ character. Why should we worry or care about a perfect character — what’re the consequences for them if they fail a task? Living a normal, average life, like the rest of us slobs? Ooh…SCARY.

If one neglects to instill flaws, your audience will probably feel alienated and tell you about it:

‘She’s just so freaking desirable that she can (and does) have sex with anybody she wants. She struck me as kind of loose, and it’s not appealing.’

‘I understand that he’s supposed to be an ‘alpha male,’ and all of the women are fawning over him, but he comes across as a butthole.’

‘I just can’t relate to any of these characters.’

It’s best to really go for it with the flaws, too. Something inoffensive, such as having a nervous stutter, isn’t deep enough. These flaws can help one develop key scenes because the character follows their faulty instincts, which leads to problems; there’s just so many interesting places to go when one’s character doesn’t do everything perfect every time.

The main character from my book, Melody, was such a joy to write due to her flaws; as a matter of fact, they’re what drove the entire plot, from beginning to end. Melody goes through the book like a mitigated disaster, following her reckless impulses to do what she believes needs to be done, but is forced to take responsibility for the consequences of her actions along the way. She is FAR from perfect, but that’s what makes her wonderful — that’s what makes all of the characters I’ve ever loved wonderful. I want to ask the question, ‘what can this character do despite him/herself?’ because that’s the same question I ask of myself…don’t we all?

Who are some of your imperfectly perfect characters? What flaws do you appreciate?

About the Book

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The Black Swan Company

Book 1

Luna DeMasi

Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 1511521945

ISBN: 978-1511521949



Melody Fields is an investigative journalist.

…Or, at least, she used to be.

An epidemic has swept the United States, turning the majority of its population into undead creatures called Sanguines, who sustain themselves on the life force of the living. Those who weren’t afflicted were given a choice: Enter a protected Colony or hope to survive.

Guilted by her father to flee while she still could, Melody has been marooned on Nantucket Colony for four years. Unable to turn off her vocational instincts, the tough-as-nails, Boston-by-way-of-Foxboro journalist can’t help but notice when her fellow Colonists begin to disappear.

After months of observation, Melody finds a pattern to the disappearances, and it doesn’t take long for her act-first-think-later mentality to kick in and follow a group of kidnappees onto a ferry. Once on the mainland, though, her seldom-seen sense of self-preservation causes her to abandon her mission and flee. Desperate for a place to hide, she winds up in the home of a lonely, soft-spoken Sanguine named Bastian, who seemingly breaks all protocol with his disinterest in eating her alive and his offer of safe harbor.

A slow-growing trust developing between them, Bastian tries his best to help Melody find her place in a now-unfamiliar world, but she doesn’t understand how different her place really is until she reconnects with her inner-circle. Melody and her friends discover that they’ve been unraveling the same unsavory story from opposite ends, and when they tie their information together, they realize they might be uncovering a scandal that could change everything if it’s brought to light. But if they fail, it could mean the end for countless lives…even their own.

Book Trailer:

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About the Author

Luna DeMasi was born in New York, but currently resides in southeast Michigan. She holds a B. S. in psychology, a master’s of library and information science, and is a staunch advocate for human rights, animal rights, and gender equality.

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