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Book Titles According to a 3-Year-Old #1

books according to 3 year old

So, my daughter, who is in the picture I made above, has inspired me to create this new feature called Book Titles According to a 3-Year-Old. (She is turning 4 next week, so the title will be changing then.) So, she started picking up books from my bookshelves and telling me what she thinks the titles are based on the covers, or just based on whatever comes to her mind. And I was just cracking up. So, I immediately wrote them all down and thought of this feature because I had to share these amazing titles with you guys. I’ll try to have about five in each post. I’ll need to hurry before she starts reading 🙂

Here are the covers of the books she randomly picked, and the titles she came up with are below those covers.



I have no idea where she got that title. LOL. She doesn’t know anyone named Nancy. I’ve never heard her say that name. And I don’t see any reason to think of footballs here, so this one was VERY random. HAHA!



This one was straightforward. It looks like fire. But I like how she added the ‘d’ at the end, like someone got fired from a job.



This one makes sense. Maybe she’s going out somewhere. Or maybe she’s just out on the cover. Or maybe she’s coming out of the closet. Who knows? 😉



So maybe it looks like she’s about to answer a question with “yes” or “no”. She does look like she’s going to say something.



The eating cherries, I get. No idea what RSP means or where she got that idea. Those letters aren’t even on the cover. But, hey. It came to her. Lol.

So, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did last night when she just started randomly doing this. I hope she continues and gives me a lot more to share 🙂