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Book Break #1 – Politics, Oscars, & The Revenant


Look at me. Starting another new feature on my blog. *pats self on back* So, as much as we would all like to deny it, we do have lives outside of books and reading. Personally, I love getting to know other bloggers and see what’s going on in their lives, so this is my attempt at giving you all a glimpse into me and my crazy, sometimes obsessive, and always hectic life. This is pretty much going to be random thoughts and what I’m currently obsessing about. We all need a little book break now and then, don’t we?


Before I make any enemies, let me make myself clear. I am not into politics AT ALL, and I do not side with a particular political party on everything. I will never have a political debate with anyone because 1) I don’t know too much about the stuff, and 2) I, unfortunately, don’t care all that much. However, I do usually defend whoever is president when people start bashing them because it’s a hard job! You are never going to please EVERYONE. For the most part, we have had decent presidents who have tried their hardest to make our country better. That being said, with our current presidential choices, I am definitely not feeling it.

So I came across this website someone shared on Facebook. It’s called I Side With, and you can take a quiz to see which candidate is the best match for you and your beliefs. Me being me, when I see a quiz, I have to take it. Plus, I’m curious to see who I match up with.

And here are my results:


To be honest, this kinda freaked me out! Not a huge Clinton fan, but like I said, I don’t follow politics and everything that is going on and what they stand for. In any case, I was surprised to see these results. Will this affect my vote? I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. And I guess I have to get more informed before voting.

I just wanted to share this website with you in case any of you are like me or on the fence. If you are, take the quiz! You might be surprised to see your match!

Go to and click on Take the Quiz.

Let me know what you think!


I promise I won’t always address controversial issues, but this one has been bugging me! Okay, yes, all of the actors nominated are white. Is that a good reason to boycott the Oscars? Absolutely not. How disrespectful is that for the actors who were nominated? Are you saying they are undeserving just because they are white? And does that make me racist for thinking that? Of course not. I’m a half Asian girl with Hispanic best friends who married a white guy who has mostly black family members. I’m the farthest thing from racist. And the people of the Academy are not racist either.

To quote Whoopi Goldberg, “I won once. So it can’t be that racist…You wanna boycott something? Don’t go see the movies that don’t have your representation.  That’s the boycott you want.”

Maybe these nominees were just better this year. Or maybe there just weren’t enough people of color and other nationalities to pick from, which isn’t the Academy’s fault. Of course I would love to see some of my favorite actors like Will Smith or Denzel Washington nominated. But maybe they weren’t in Oscar-worthy movies or didn’t have Oscar-worthy performances this year.

So, like every year, I will be watching the Oscars. It’s like my Super Bowl. And I’m looking forward to seeing Leonardo DiCaprio finally win! And of course, my favorite actor, Tom Hardy is nominated, so that’s another plus.

 The Revenant


Speaking of Leo and Tom, have you seen The Revenant?! My husband and I watched it earlier this week. It was INCREDIBLE. The acting was AMAZING. The cinematography was beautiful. And the directing was awesome. I just loved everything about it.

If Leo doesn’t win the Oscar, then I don’t know what. I’ll be pissed. He has deserved it before, but he definitely deserves it this time. As for Tom Hardy, he was brilliant, but I do have a soft spot for Sylvester Stallone, so that one is up in the air.

If you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it. It’s intense. And that bear scene is INSANE. But it is so worth watching. Plus, the relationship between Leo’s character and his son was so touching and heartbreaking. It really made the movie for me.

That’s it for my first Book Break post! Hope I didn’t upset anyone!

Feel free to share your thoughts, even if you disagree with me 🙂