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Book Titles According to a 3-Year-Old #1

books according to 3 year old

So, my daughter, who is in the picture I made above, has inspired me to create this new feature called Book Titles According to a 3-Year-Old. (She is turning 4 next week, so the title will be changing then.) So, she started picking up books from my bookshelves and telling me what she thinks the titles are based on the covers, or just based on whatever comes to her mind. And I was just cracking up. So, I immediately wrote them all down and thought of this feature because I had to share these amazing titles with you guys. I’ll try to have about five in each post. I’ll need to hurry before she starts reading 🙂

Here are the covers of the books she randomly picked, and the titles she came up with are below those covers.



I have no idea where she got that title. LOL. She doesn’t know anyone named Nancy. I’ve never heard her say that name. And I don’t see any reason to think of footballs here, so this one was VERY random. HAHA!



This one was straightforward. It looks like fire. But I like how she added the ‘d’ at the end, like someone got fired from a job.



This one makes sense. Maybe she’s going out somewhere. Or maybe she’s just out on the cover. Or maybe she’s coming out of the closet. Who knows? 😉



So maybe it looks like she’s about to answer a question with “yes” or “no”. She does look like she’s going to say something.



The eating cherries, I get. No idea what RSP means or where she got that idea. Those letters aren’t even on the cover. But, hey. It came to her. Lol.

So, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did last night when she just started randomly doing this. I hope she continues and gives me a lot more to share 🙂

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #12 – My Heart is Yours


Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts is a weekly meme hosted by (un)Conventional Bookviews. The idea is to share a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read, as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not. Please share the title of the book it happened in, as well as the character who ate or drank the special little something you discovered between the pages of a good read.


This week’s quote comes from My Heart is Yours by Amanda Leigh (click on the title for my review). In this book, we follow the life of Sam and her relationship with Jason in the span of six years.

In this quote, Sam has a little get-together with her girlfriends. And here is some of the food they eat:

My Hungry Hearts Quote

“Sam was very open about food. The other girls weren’t. So the menu was mostly ‘normal stuff’, but there was a little something ‘different’ there for Sam. The spread included deviled eggs, mini spinach and feta quiche, spinach and artichoke dip, mini cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, and for Sam, Asian garlic and soy flavored chicken wings with scallion soy dipping sauce.”

I LOVE deviled eggs, and I LOVE spinach and artichoke dip, so this sounds delicious! And I definitely wouldn’t mind trying the rest. Now I’m hungry…

Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway – My Heart is Yours by Amanda Leigh


Welcome to the I Heart Fictional People’s My Heart is Yours blog tour stop! This tour is hosted by Xpresso Book Tours!


Title: My Heart is Yours

Author: Amanda Leigh

Published: June 10th, 2015

Length: 137 pages (eBook)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Source: Xpresso Book Tours (for honest review)

My Rating: ❤❤❤

book blurb

(from Goodreads)

Samantha Marie Ramsden has three brothers. Craig, John and Matt. When tragedy strikes their family, Craig takes on the task of becoming his siblings legal guardian. It’s hard enough being someone’s guardian, but when you’ve only recently entered adulthood yourself it’s almost impossible to know where to draw the line between sibling and ‘parent’.

This is made even harder on him when Sam starts to get close to a long time friend, Jason. It looks like their friendship could turn into something more. An idea that Craig has never been too happy with. Spanning six years, My Heart is Yours explores family, friendship, love and much more. As well as asking the question: Would you defy family for love?

my review


I knew I had to read this book right when I saw it. I absolutely loved the cover. And I loved the idea of a brother struggling with being both a sibling and a parent. So I was excited about reading this one. And when I started reading it, I’ll admit that I was a little confused because it seemed to be Sam’s story, not Craig’s, like the synopsis implied. But I was definitely intrigued, so I kept reading.


The prologue. Wow. Now that is how you draw readers in and make them want to keep reading. That was INTENSE. My jaw dropped and stayed there until the next chapter. Very good first impression. I knew I picked a good book.

The plot. The book definitely kept me interested the whole way through. I wanted to know what happened every step of the way. There were just so many different aspects to the story. Family, romance, love, friendship, loss. It had it all. Plus, there were a couple moments where I thought, “WTF?” So, it had a little suspense too.

The family dynamics. I love that Sam has these older brothers who are very protective of her and would do anything for her. It’s so sweet how highly they think of her too. They know she’s going to do great things, even if she has doubts. She may have been adopted, but you completely forget all about that. They’re a family, blood or not.


The pace. It was just way too fast for me. A LOT happened in only 130 pages or so. This would’ve been an amazing full-length novel because everything could have been expanded on and described in more detail. It was just a lot to take in, and things moved along too quickly, in my opinion.

The sometimes-awkward dialogue. The dialogue bugged me every now and then. At times, it seemed unrealistic and just not the way people talk to each other. For example, people’s first names were used quite often. If you’re talking to someone one-on-one, how often do you use his/her first name? But again, it wasn’t the whole book. This just got to me a few times.


This would’ve been a solid 4-heart or even 5-heart book if it was longer. I guess the length and the pace just affected my overall enjoyment of the book. That being said, I would still recommend it because it is a pretty good story. That prologue! Ahh! Loved it. It’ll hook you right from the beginning. And it is a cute love story.

three hearts

3 out of 5 Hearts!

buy links


Barnes & Noble



about the author

Amanda Leigh graduated with a BA in English and Communications and a double minor in Psychology and Creative Writing. During college, she worked on the literary magazine and loved every minute of it. She adores cats and has one named Sawyer – named after one of her favorite characters in Lost. Amanda enjoys reading, writing avidly in a journal, writing poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, cooking, listening to music, singing, swimming and art – particularly photography. Amanda is a bit of a chocoholic and is slightly obsessed with office supplies. She has many ideas for stories so keep an eye out for more work from her.

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Tour-wide giveaway
  • A signed paperback of My Heart is Yours + signed swag + a paperback of selected Emily Dickinson poetry (that’s the MC’s favorite poet) (US only)
  • An e-book copy of My Heart is yours (INT)

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Follow the rest of the tour here!


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NEW Cover Reveal: Ghetto by M.L. Sparrow


I reviewed Ghetto by M.L. Sparrow back in September. I absolutely loved the book. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the cover. Now, I am happy to reveal the new cover, which is amazing! I LOVE it! And it is such an improvement. So, I will show the before and after to show you what a tremendous difference it is. Here we go:

ghetto12hq-2  —-> unnamed-4

Left: Original Cover                                      Right: New Cover

Ahh! I can’t get over how much I love this new cover. It’s awesome and gives such a better idea of what the book is about. Makes me want to read the book again! Here is more about the book to give you a feel for it:

book blurb

My name’s Sunny Grace Beaumont. Branded SGB/2/6895/03.12.93. Only child, self-taught computer geek and cancer survivor. Oh, and did I mention my dad’s the President? As you can imagine that’s sometimes a little problematic, especially when I want to sneak out. But it never got me into quite as much trouble as the night I ventured into the Ghetto – don’t ask me why I was there in the first place… it was stupid. Everyone knows that the Ghetto is where hardened criminals are sent to live out the remainder of their lives. At first the men that kidnap me are just as I’d imagine, mean and thoughtless, but slowly I begin to have doubts.

I meet a guy. His name’s Sin, he has no Brand – a crime punishable by death – and he’s the rebel leader. I should hate him… but I don’t. Instead he opens my eyes to a whole other side of the Ghetto, where people are innocent of the crimes they’re accused of and helpless children suffer dreadful poverty. Is it possible that I’ve been lied to my entire life… that the governments been deceiving everyone? And how can I challenge the law my own dad is adamant to uphold?

And check out my review here! Trust me. You’ll want to read it!

Review: No Rest for the Wicked by M.L. Sparrow

28009289Title: No Rest for the Wicked

Author: M.L. Sparrow

Published: November 27th, 2015

Length: 258 pages (ebook)

Genre: Historical Romance, Fantasy

Source: Author (for honest review)

My Rating: ❤❤❤

book blurb

(from Goodreads)

When a rich gentleman finds a beautiful young woman lying in the snow, on the brink of death, he takes her back to his house and, when she has recovered, employs her as a maid. Immediately Elira realizes that Anthony Luther is no ordinary man and nothing about the house she now lives in is as it seems, for Anthony is a powerful wizard.

Inexplicably drawn together, they begin a tentative romance, but it’s not just Elira’s uncertainties and the rules of upper-class society which drive a wedge between them; rivalries and a precious family heirloom, a priceless necklace of unforeseen power handed down through generations, threaten not only the couple’s happiness, but also their lives and the safety of the people around them.

my review


Another M.L. Sparrow book? Count me in! Of course I said yes to reading this. She has become one of my favorite authors. And this was a historical romance, which I have a soft spot for. Plus, the cover is great! I was definitely intrigued.


The romance. Okay, M.L. Sparrow has this unique ability to make you forget about the rest of the world and other distinctive parts of the plot and solely focus on just the romance. I forgot about the zombies in The Demon Inside. I forgot about the horrible conditions and place that people were living in in Ghetto. And this time, I forgot about Anthony being a wizard and having magical powers. I absolutely LOVE that she can do that. I haven’t come across that with any other author. Plus, this romance was sweet. He hires her as his maid, and they fall in love. And there’s this whole social class issue that he doesn’t care about but everyone else seems to. It’s just all very sweet.

The characters. I really liked Anthony. He had this protective, intense side, but also this easy-going side with a sense of humor. I loved it. And I adored Moira, the cook/housekeeper. She may have been Anthony’s employee, but she definitely wasn’t afraid to voice her opinions about certain things. And she had this nurturing side, which was sweet.


The pace. It started off a little slow. It took me awhile to really get into it, which is not usual for this author’s books.

Elira. Honestly, she kind of bugged me. She was very naïve, and it got a little irritating at times.

Not enough magic. I really enjoyed the idea of Anthony being a wizard. I just wish there was more to that part of the story. I wanted more magic and more fantasy feud-type stuff. I kind of pictured this epic battle taking place, but that didn’t really happen for me.


Okay, I may not have liked this one as much as M.L. Sparrow’s other books, but it was still good. It had its moments, and the romance was great. I just wish the pace was a bit faster and it had more of the fantasy, magical stuff. However, I’ve been such a big fan of Sparrow’s, so I’m really looking forward to her next book.

three hearts

3 out of 5 Hearts!

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about the author

(from Goodreads)

I’m not really sure what to say about myself – my real life is definitely not as exciting as my imaginary one! I’m currently working in childcare and writing in my spare time. All my life I’ve dreamed of becoming an author, except when I was little and wanted to be a farmer!
Besides writing, and obviously reading anything I can get my hands on, my other passion is travel. After finishing college I took a break from education to travel, visiting Mexico, Sri Lanka and, my personal favourite, Japan. One day I hope to be able to combine the two and travel while writing professionally.

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Story Sprites

Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2016


Personal life: I’ve been subbing almost every day, so that has been taking up most of my time. It has definitely cut into my reading time, but life tends to do that unfortunately. Things at home have had their ups and downs lately. Reading is an escape, so I need to get back to it. And I realized that I just don’t spend enough time with the few friends that I do have, so that needs to change. You really don’t know how much your friends mean to you until they’re not really in your life anymore. Note to self: make time for close friends.

Blog life: I did a few reviews and a few weekly memes. Nothing special. But I’m having a blast with my reading challenges. (I would do a monthly update, but I’m participating in way too many, so check out my reading challenges page if you’re interested.) As if reading couldn’t get anymore fun! I love the bingo ones! And the ones that motivate me to read more and outside my comfort level. I highly recommend any and all reading challenges. They’re super fun.

 books I read

(Click on the titles below for my reviews)


The Cupcake Witch by Poppy Lawless ❤❤❤❤

A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley ❤❤❤❤

Falling for Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted ❤❤

How To Love by Katie Cotugno ❤❤❤❤

Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2016 – Wrapping up a great month!

Chapter Break Bookish Bingo: January 2016 – Wrapping up my first bingo card, which was so fun!

Musing Mondays #6 – I mention what my favorite children’s book was when I was growing up.

Blog Tour: Excerpt & Giveaway – Falling for Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted – Wasn’t a fan, so I did an excerpt instead of a review during the blog tour.

Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #11 – The Cupcake Witch – For my coffee-loving readers 🙂

Musing Mondays #7 – I got new bookcases!

Musing Mondays #8 – SO excited about receiving a book I won in a giveaway!


Book of the Month:


I really liked this book. It was ALMOST perfect. It was such a cute chick-lit, romantic comedy, which is just what I need sometimes.

Favorite Cover:


Ahh! I LOVE this cover. I could just stare at it for hours. It’s beautiful. I want to buy a physical copy and just frame it on my wall.

Favorite Book Boyfriend:


I loved Connor. He grunts and is grumpy, but I loved him. His witty, sarcastic banter with Joanna was hilarious. I just wanted more! I may have to read it again to get my Connor fix.

Favorite Female:


Reena was so flawed and imperfect, and she didn’t make the best decisions, especially when it came to a certain guy, but I think even she underestimated her strength. She gets pregnant at 16, has to put her dreams aside, and raises her daughter on her own. She’s amazing.

Favorite Plot:


No contest here. This was such a fun and unique plot. These two people who dislike each other so much are stuck on an island together for months. It’s hilarious and romantic, and I couldn’t get enough.

Favorite Author:


Again, no contest. Camilla Isley knows how to write chick lit. I absolutely love this genre, and she reminded me why I need to start reading more of it. She is so damn talented, and I cannot wait to read more of her books.

How was your February?

Chapter Break Bookish Bingo: February 2016


Hosted by: Chapter Break

I thought I would do a lot better because it was romance-based this month, but unfortunately, I only read 4 books this month. So, here’s how I did:


The Cupcake Witch by Poppy Lawless [Review]
– Billion/Million aire
– Change Jobs/Majors

A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley [Review]
– Artist/Poet/Writer

Falling for Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted [Review]
– Accent
– Royalty

How To Love by Katie Cotugno [Review]
– Friends to Lovers
– First Love
– Tattoo/Piercing
– Bar
– Inexperienced/Naive
– Shelf Love Book

With the free space, I got 12 squares. Not as good as last month, but now I’m motivated for next month! Here we go!

My Winter Bookish Bingo Wrap-Up

Bookish Bingo

This was my first bookish bingo (hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews), and it was SO FUN! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a bingo. I was all over the place. Lol. But I was close! It’s okay. I still had a lot of fun with this. And I’m looking forward to the Spring edition (which can be found here)! It looks challenging! Anyway, here is my bingo card:


ROMANCE: Like Candy by Debra Doxer [Review]

SNOW ON COVER: A Kindled Winter by Rachel L. Demeter [Review]




MULTI POV: Never Say Never by Emily Goodwin [Review]


FANTASY: The Cupcake Witch by Poppy Lawless [Review]


2015 RELEASE YOU MISSED: Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus [Review]




ONE-WORD TITLE: Scrubs by Brooke Harris [Review]

AWARD WINNER: The Maze Runner by James Dashner [Review]




RETELLING: The Ugly Stepsister by Aya Ling [Review]

2016 DEBUT:


START A NEW SERIES: Blossoming Flower (Wildflowers #1) by Vivian Winslow [Review]

ROYALTY: Falling for Prince Charles by Lauren Baratz-Logsted [Review]

BLUE COVER: A Sudden Crush by Camilla Isley [Review]

If you haven’t participated in this, then definitely try it! It’s really fun and challenging. Happy Reading! 🙂