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Title: A Sudden Crush

Author: Camilla Isley

Published: February 4th, 2016 by Pink Bloom Press

Length: 256 pages (eBook)

Genre: Chick Lit

Source: Publisher via I ♥ All the Books Tours (for honest review)

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

book blurb

(from Goodreads)

Joanna Price is a city girl with the perfect life. She loves her job as a book editor, she just married Liam, high profile bestselling author and the man of her dreams, and she’s headed to the Caribbean to enjoy two weeks of paradise for her luxurious honeymoon.

Connor Duffield is a gruff, grumpy rancher from the Midwest. He is a country boy who has a no-nonsense approach to life, more scars than he’d like to admit, and he hates city girls.

So it’s just a misfortune they have to sit next to each other for a six hour plane ride. Even more so when their flight is caught in the perfect storm and Joanna wakes up stranded on a desert island with Connor, the very man she hoped she would never have to see again.

Why are they alone on this forsaken island? What happened to Joanna’s husband?

When her dream honeymoon turns into a hilarious tropical nightmare, Joanna’s first thought is survival. However, she and Connor will quickly discover just how boring paradise can be. As the days turn to weeks, and then months, this mismatched pair will have to learn how to coexist and how to resist the sparkles of an attraction they weren’t prepared to feel.

When they are finally rescued will Joanna’s marriage be saved as well, or will the life she knew and loved be in ruins?

my review


I am absolutely in love with this cover! I saw it, and I instantly knew I had to read it. I really didn’t care what it was about. But then I read the synopsis, and OMG. Two complete strangers who don’t even like each other are stuck on a deserted island together and begin feeling a connection even though one of them is married?! Yes, please! Plus, I AM IN LOVE with chick lit, and I haven’t read one in awhile, so I was SO EXCITED about this one.


The plot. I loved everything about the plot. It was exciting, it kept me on the edge of my seat, and it had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of that Harrison Ford movie, Six Days Seven Nights, which I loved by the way. You have these two people who don’t exactly get along, and they are stuck on an island together for months. As a reader, you are constantly wondering about what happened to Joanna’s husband and when she and Connor will be rescued. And when they are rescued, things begin to unfold, and Joanna has to go back to living her life. I just loved everything about it. It was pure entertainment.

Joanna and Connor’s relationship. Ahh! I loved it! They pretty much despise each other from the get-go. And they have this playful, witty, hilarious banter between them that was just awesome. When they realize there is this connection, it’s complicated because she’s a newlywed, and she has no idea what happened to her husband. Then things change and escalate later in the book. And I loved every single minute of it. I almost wish there was a sequel so I can read more about them. They were just so damn sweet together with the perfect amount of humor. Loved it.

The writing. Camilla Isley can write! She is amazing. She reminded me of why I love chick lit so much. This book was heartwarming yet hilarious, and not a lot of authors can pull that off. I want more of her. Camilla Isley, please write hundreds of more books because I am a fan, and I am dead set on owning all of your books. I will settle for two…for now. Which reminds me: I need to go get my hands on I Wish For You.


Would’ve liked more of the island. From the description of the book, we know they get rescued eventually. I just didn’t think it would happen as fast as it did. I wanted the majority of the book to take place on the island, but it was pretty even: half on the island, half at home. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed how it was written. I guess I just wanted more time on the island and more one-on-one interaction between Joanna and Connor.


How have I not read chick lit in 7 months?! What is wrong with me?! Thank you, Camilla Isley for making me remember my love for this genre. I enjoyed this book so much. It had everything I need in a book: cute romance, entertaining characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and a creative plot. And I can’t even describe in words how much I love this cover. I need to go buy the paperback so I can just display its beauty in my house.

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4 out of 5 Hearts!

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about the author

Hi! I’m a writer of romantic comedy, cat’s lover, coffee addict, and shoes hoarder.
Besides writing, I love reading (surprise, surprise), cooking—and eating—especially pasta, going to the movies and obviously ordering a gigantic bowl of popcorn, and watching too much bad TV.
I understand that mosquitoes play a role in the ecosystem as a part of other animals’ diet, and I don’t want to starve all those frog princes out there, but I could really live without them.

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