Discussion: What do you think about those adult coloring books?


So, I keep seeing these coloring books for teens and adults on other blogs and in bookstores. I am so tempted to buy one. I used to love coloring as a kid. My sister and I won so many coloring contests at our local grocery store that they told our parents that we weren’t allowed to win anymore (total BS by the way, but that is beside the point). Even now, when I color with my daughter, I’m the one who ends up enjoying it more than she does. She gets bored easily. I could color for hours. The one that keeps catching my eye is Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford.



It looks AWESOME! This is like an adult coloring-lover’s dream. The images look so detailed. They are just dying for some color, which I would happily like to provide.

So, here’s my dilemma. While I would love to channel my inner eight-year-old and just color all day, it does seem time-consuming. I already have no time as it is, what with my daughter, my job, this blog, reading, etc. I know that if I start, I won’t stop. And since I’m a perfectionist, I would spend a ridiculous amount of time making it perfect and just right. Why does the day only have 24 hours?!

So what do you guys think? Have you bought any? If you have, are they as addicting as I think they might be? And if you haven’t, are you tempted to buy one? Let me know your thoughts on what may become my latest obsession.

8 thoughts on “Discussion: What do you think about those adult coloring books?

  1. I’ve already bought Enchanted Forest, as well as the Secret Garden. I started coloring the first one…and it’s crazy how much time it takes just to color a single page o.O I haven’t finished my first one yet…although I must admit I don’t spend so much time on it…because I prefer reading than coloring books. But the pictures are really, really awesome.
    I’m not good at coloring but nevertheless it’s so much fun to color this books that I don’t even care I suck at it 😀
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    1. I prefer reading too, and I wouldn’t want this to cut into my reading time. BUT, it does sound fun! Maybe I’ll have to just limit the time I spend on it haha…thanks for responding!

  2. I am waiting for Lost Ocean to come out in October, because I love the idea of colouring mermaids and sea turtles and fish with shimmery scales more than gardens and forests.

    In the mean time I did try a random cheap one (A Soul Bird’s Journey), but the paper was poor quality and the illustrations were just strange and not very attractive. My bad.

    Before the adult colouring books really took off this year I had a couple of children’s Disney Princess books that I still take out occassionally. What can I say, I love Disney.

    You don’t have to complete a whole page in one sitting, and the Basford books are probably best used with pens, not pencils.
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